VANESSA FARINA is a brand founded at the end of 2016 in Caracas, Venezuela, born with the conviction of generating new ideas and concepts, creating new worlds and expressing oneself from freedom to create different pieces in the area of complements capable of adapting to each person and in its original way of expressing a trend.

The designer and founder of the Vanessa Farina brand was trained in Administrative Sciences at the Metropolitan University, but following her passion for art and fashion, she studied Fashion Design at the Institute of Fashion and Environmental Brivil. Later he studied the Master in ‘Fashion Design’ at the Felicidad Duce School of the LCI Barcelona, Spain. In his years of experience he has worked with different brands in the national and international environment.

“I believe in the preparation and constant study of new techniques and materials. My origin, my roots and my experiences are part of the inspiration of the brand to create pieces that become an original form of expression for each of our #VFF Vanessa Farina Friends ”- VF.

Our VF team is responsible for devising, designing and creating original pieces that, thanks to the wonderful work of our leather workers, specialized in the trade, make the final product and the VF brand an interesting mix between design and quality through genuine materials and organic